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Tilnart Water bottles

These water bottles are made out of copper which have health benefits such as removing the bacteria that builds up in bottles, they are also plastic-free!


Neon sign bulbs


We have the most unique set of bulbs in stock. We have a variety of three neon sign bulbs spelling either, love, home or dream. They are perfect for any homemaker and will bring atmosphere and colour to a room.

Prices start at £25.00


Sass and Belle are a fabulous brand that does all sorts of house extras. In stock, we have the bamboo lunch boxes, the fabulous glass and silicone bottles (550ml) and the bamboo and silicone takeaway coffee cups.

Lunch boxes £12.50

Bottles £15.00

Takeaway coffee cups £7.50

Kiwi en France

Kiwi en France make beautiful pewter bowls for salt and sugar and mini pewter animal ornaments. All hand cast in France, and polished. The perfect gift for any special occasion. Such elegance but also useful.



Matches are in every household so why not gift beautiful matches. We have a range of matches retailing at 


Beeswax Wraps


Beeswax wraps are the new cling film. Not only do they not contain plastic and are reusable, but they keep your food fresh for longer and they come in wonderful designs and sizes.

Wax wraps are £15.00

Homemade wax wraps £12.50

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