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Ngwenya Glass takes Simplicity and makes it Art

Since 1987, Ngwenya Glass has been making glassware in Swaziland from 100% recycled glass. Building upon a reputation of quality, functionality, beauty & of being environmentally aware. The unique combination of factors that make up Ngwenya Glass, make it a living & breathing animal in its own right

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Sometimes his trunk is up, sometimes down, sometimes reaching under or out.  That sums up the handmade uniqueness of this product.  The Elephant comes in 5 sizes.  

Mini £9.00, Small £14, Medium £21, Large £28 and Extra Large £50.  


This cute little guy was the first ever piece I purchased on a visit to Zimbabwe in 1994! The big bottomed hippo is simply irresistible.


The giraffe comes in 3 finishes.  Clear, Orange or Speckled.  It is simply a matter of taste.


The rare and endangered Rhino is another special animal. 10% of all of Ngwenya's profits go to the Elephant and Rhino Conservation fund.


Maybe not the most special of the Big 5 but the Buffalo is a formidable beast and in glass he is super cute.


The stripey Zebra is another example of how skilled the craftsmen are with the ability to create the stripe within blown glass.

The Zebra comes in only 2 sizes - XL £55.00 and Medium £25.


These coloured Owls come in assorted colours so each one is truly unique.  

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