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These are not only fabulous toiletries, but they are in beautiful packaging and affordable!

Set of 3 hard soaps £14.00             Set of 3 hand creams (20ml) £6.00- out of stock             Set of 3 hand creams (30ml) £15.00

Set of 3 small hard soaps £6.00       Luxury travel collections £7.50                            Set of 2 300ml hand wash and hand lotion £18.00

Soap on a rope £7.00


We also stock Betty Hula! All of her products are made in the Uk and vegan friendly!

Dusting Powder £10.00                   Lip Balm £7.25                                            Lip Polish £7.2                                                       

Shea Body Butter £12.75                Antibacterial Hand Wash £13.50     


Mint and Lemongrass, is such a beautiful scent combination, and this company grow there own peppermint and harvest it. We have this scent in hand lotion, candles, diffusers and room spray. Prices range from £13.50- £25.00 


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