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It's that time of the year again, so to make it easier for you to find your Christmas gifts we have put them all in one section. Here we have all our gifts that are have been specifically brought in for Christmas.  We hope you like them as much as we do.


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Odd Socks

Odd socks are such a comical gift and with their bright and vibrant patterns and witty names they cannot help but make you smile. With lots of designs and sizes available there is something for everyone, even the parents! 

Prices start at £12.00-£14.50

Self-care for everyone

Self-care is very important especially in the current situation, so this year we have a range of goodies revolving around this. They range from hair care, to sleep rituals. These are for all ages and genders. There is also a beautiful eco-friendly range which is so popular at the moment. With great prices and products, they are the perfect gift. 



Sleep range

Hair and Face care

We are waiting for our new stock of these to arrive.  We sold out completely before lockdown!

Massage Soaps

Winter accessories

We have a gorgeous range of winter accessories in fabulous colours. We have hat and scarf sets, gloves, velvet headbands and socks. All made with soft materials even some made out of recycled bottles! And we haven't forgotten about men either.


Scarves start from £12 for Ladies and £15 for Mens

Gloves start from £12

Headbands are £11.50

Wrist Warmers are £16.00



Winter sets - £30

Headbands and wrist warmers

Pet gifts

Adorable pet gift sets. In recyclable packaging and beautiful made.

Prices range from £15.00-£30.00


Fun games to play with family and friends, to put a smile on people's faces and get the competitive juices following. We also have beautiful puzzles for full family involvement.

Prices range from £6.50-£18.00 

Cycling mad

Cycling is so popular at the moment so we have some great extras for any bike people out there. Ranging from fun, to useful to techy.

Prices range from £5.00-£20.00

Mens extra gifts

Men are hard but at Tashinga we hope we have made it easier for you with our range of unique men's gifts, for any age.

Prices range from £10.00-£30.00

Stocking fillers/ Extras

Those little extra pressies to even up siblings always seem to be useless and end up not being used but we have found some useful stocking fillers at no extra expense

Prices range from £3.50-£10.50

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